• Using Hemp Seed Oil as a Carrier Oil with other Essential Oils
  • When using pure essential oils always remember use sparingly.

    Blend oils with a Hemp Carrier Oil a couple of hours prior to use to ensure the oils have blended throughout evenly.

    Below is the recommended amount of Essential Oil that should be mixed with Sani Hemp Products Hemp Seed Oil at 10ml.

  • New Borns to 1year old2 drops per 10ml carrier oil

    1-5 year olds2-3 drops per 10ml carrier oil

    5-9 year olds3-4 drops per 10ml carrier oil

    10 - Adults5-7 drops per 10ml carrier oil

    Elderly10 drops per 10ml carrier oil

  • The recommended dose for an adult is 10ml of Hemp Seed Oil per day.

    In Australia the consumption of Hemp Seed Oil has become legal from November 12th 2017.

    In most countries the consumption of Hemp Seed Oil is legal, please refer to your federal government body for more information.

  • Below is a listing of different essential oils, the scientific name and what the qualities of that oil are.

    • Oil
      [Scientific Name]
      Usage / Oil Qualities
    • Basil
      [Ocimum basilicum]
      Concentration & decision making, to relieve mental fatigue, anxiety, headaches, colds, nervous insomnia.
    • Bergamot Calabrian
      [Citrus aurantium spp. bergamia]
      Chronic anxiety, depression, skin disorder, stimulates appetite, soothes lung conditions. Particularly effective for boils eczema & psorisis
    • Black Pepper
      [Piper nigrum]
      Good for sluggish digestion, increases circulation, colds & flu, helps clear mucus, rheumatic pains, alertness & concentration & muscular
    • Cedarwood Virginian
      [Juniperus virginiana]
      Stimulates circulation, dandruff, eczema, respiratory congestion, arthritis & nervous tension
    • Cinnamon
      [Cinnamomum zeylanicum]
      Aids digestion, circulation, exhaustion
    • Citronella
      [Cymbopogon spp.]
      Rheumatic aches & pains, bites & stings - stops itching
    • Clary Sage
      [Salvia sclarca]
      Reproductive, Weak Digestion, excretory irritability, sore throats, PMT headaches, stress, insomnia
    • Cypress
      [Cupressus sempervirens]
      Haemorhoids, circulatory problems - varicose veins, broken veins & capillaries, muscular cramps, coughs and bronchitis, cellulite, diahroera, excess water
    • Cajuput
      [Melaleuca leucadendron]
      Insect bites, dandruff, acne, athletes foot, abscess, nappy rash, antiseptic
    • Eucalyptus Blue Mallee
      [Eucalyptus polybractea]
      Respiratory problems, colds, etc. aches & pains, rheumatic conditions, infectious diseases, mucous sinuitis
    • Fennel
      [Foeniculum vulgare]
      Convalescence, aids digestion, cellulite, eye inflammation & conjuctivitis, urinary problems, nausea, flatulence
    • Frankincense
      Pure Frankincense. Skin disorders, respiratory, congestion, aging skin, wounds, inflammation and anxiety
    • Geranium
      [Pelargonium graveolens]
      Cleans & normalizes the skin, muscle relaxant, digestion, menstrual problems, nervous system, general fatigue, shingles. Post Natal depression
    • Ginger
      [Zingiber officinale]
      Stimulates circulation, helps cramps, nervous exhaustion, indigestion, nausea, coughs & mucous
    • Juniperberry Wild
      [Juniperus communis]
      Absence of menstrual periods, cystisis. Painful periods. Fluid retention, rheumatic aching, joints, acne & skin conditions, depression, respiratory problems, detoxifier
    • Lavender
      [Lavandula latifolia]
      Penetrating with a sharper scent, good for respiratory, circulatory or muscular conditions, burns stress & headaches
    • Lemon
      [Citrus limonum]
      Circulation, respiratory problems, broken capillaries, insomnia, colds, etc, cellulite, leukocyte formation, nausea arthritis rheumatism, Haemorhoids
    • Lemon Grass
      [Cymbopogon citatus]
      Skin problems, antidote for infectious viruses, circulation, digestion, muscle tone.
    • Manadarin
      [Citrus reticulata]
      Food colouring, Stress and irritability, insomnia, sedates the nervous system.
    • Marjorum
      [Origanum marjorana]
      Insomnia, migraines, high blood preasure, respiratory problems, nervous fatigue, constipation and flatulence
    • Orange
      [Citrus sinensis]
      Sedative for muscular and nervous systems, eczema dermatitis and psorisis, assists in combating wrinkles, mouth gargle and a good deodorizer and degreaser.
    • Patchouli
      [Pogostemon patchouli]
      Allergies, burns, eczema, acne, abscesses
    • Peppermint
      [Mentha piperita]
      Blood cleanser, sedative, Cardiac tonic, bruises and swelling, abdominal and muscular cramps, stings and bites nausea, travel sickness and flatulence travel sickness.
    • Rosemary
      [Rosmarinus officinalis]
      Respiratory conditions circulation, liver problems, asthma.
    • Sandalwood East Indian
      [Santalum album]
      Fatigue, respiratory problems, softens dry and aging skin [particularly when blended with Pure Cold Pressed Sani Hemp Oil] urinary and genital infections, depression and anxiety, stress, promotes white blood cell production, cystisis, Strengthens the immune system.
    • Thyme very low toxic levels of phenyloids
      [Thymus geraniol]
      Stimulates the liver and diuretic systems, colds and flu, skin infections, rheumatic problems, stings and bites, tiredness and depression, eczema, earache, tendonitis.