• Product Usage of Hemp and Hemp Related Products
  • Over thousands of years humans have evolved and adapted to the materials and environment around them. Hemp has been around many, many years has one of the most diverse range of applications out of any material on the planet. From clothing and medicine through to pottery and cutlery, hemp comes in a wide variety of strands and species and is used by a wide variety of cultures for an almost unfathomable number of uses.

  • Some of the more popular western applications of hemp include in oils and body care products while eastern cultures are reknowned for utilising hemp as a medicine and for religious purposes in some cultures.

    As western cultures start to look at the medicial benefits or hemp and hemp related products, such as medicinal marijuana in the United States, it breaks down the barrier that hemp is a drug and starts to see it as a possible commodity.

    Hemp Health Products Australia has gathered together some useful information on the usage of hemp and hemp related products throughout history and into the modern age.

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