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    Although it is now legal to consume Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Oil in Australia (effective from 12 November 2017), our labelling and packaging is not yet compliant with Food Standards Australia Guidelines.

    These food standard guidelines can be found at the following website : https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2017C01047

    One of the stipulations under 1.4.4--7 states : (3) The label for the food for sale must not include : (c) an image or representation of any part of the Cannabis Satvia plant (including the leaf of that plant) other than the seed

    As Sani Hemp's logo uses the Canabis Sativa leaf, and has done so for over 16 years, we are not able to sell out products as a food. We are currently challenging this legislation, and written to the various parties to seek some clarification on this.

    We have decided to continue to sell our products as a not for food product, but for external use only. This means our pricing is inclusive of GST. We, however are discounting our price until this matter can be resolved. Our price list and pricing has been updated accordingly.

    Please note that whilst Australians can now legally get the benefits of eating Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil products, our oil is for external use only.

    Our business is currently reviewing alternative Hemp Seed product lines and we hope to have some exciting news soon.

    We also now offer FREE Freight for larger orders.